indirect suggestion

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The chemical changes take place through both direct and indirect suggestion, and we live and thrive.
Those slight indirect suggestions which are dependent on apparently trivial coincidences and incalculable states of mind, are the favorite machinery of Fact, but are not the stuff in which Imagination is apt to work.
By the late 17 th century innuendo was used as a noun referring to the insertion itself, and more broadly to any indirect suggestion or veiled allusion.
Together with indirect suggestion, Romm explains how this technique was used before the Iraq war to convince the American public that Saddam Hussein represented an imminent threat to their security.
You are right in your indirect suggestion that banning guns is not the answer, or at least is only a small part of the answer.
One of the paintings in the collection is of profound interest in making an indirect suggestion toward the Talmudic, Biblical and Qur'anic narration of the story of Prophet Jonah (Younus) who was swallowed into a fish's belly for three nights and three days as retribution for abandoning his call of service in preaching God's divine message.
Hypnotic realities: The induction of clinical hypnosis and forms of indirect suggestion.
There is also an indirect suggestion that anti-authoritarian subcultures in the 1960s were fomented by agents of the Chinese and Russian governments.
The 17 papers here discuss such aspects as a special inquiry with Aldous Huxley into the nature and character of various states of consciousness, deep hypnosis and its induction, simulation and the role of indirect suggestion and minimal cues, and whether laboratory and clinical hypnosis are the same or different phenomena.
A review of funding levels was also suggested, an indirect suggestion that considerably more money should be spent.
What this is really all about is the belief that there is still something deeply shameful about being gay; and it was that shame, or rather the most indirect suggestion of it, that had "eaten away" at Jonathan Schmitz--inevitably.
Both direct suggestion -- (you'll feel no pain") and indirect suggestion ("you will be surprised to find you feel perfectly comfortable") are used.