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For another, the uncertainty or indirection of much experience may not be to do with ambiguity as much as it is to do with liminality, or with part-conscious states of mind.
Bledsoe's behaviour, later on he understands that in order to survive in a hostile society, guile and indirection are indispensable.
For Nordan's characters, indirection proves both constructive and destructive, alternately keeping the peace and instigating violence.
It gives us the fumbling rhetorical feints of people who use indirection to expose themselves.
Commentaries on the poetry of Eilean Ni Chuilleanain often begin by underlining its indirection and obliqueness.
Performance improves because the file system approach, unlike the database approach, does not have multiple levels of indirection between the email and the storage subsystem.
What is fascinating is how by implication and indirection and more directly in the closing chapter, Jabbar draws fascinating lines of influence between the arts and sports, a topic that even within this sports-crazed era has not received much notice save how pampered members of contemporary jockocracy indulge a fondness for faddish gangster rap or heavy metal.
Years ago one of our top guys had a lot of trouble with indirection, confusing European and Asian indirection with evasiveness and yet, on the other hand, having his own attempts at indirection--that is, hinting rather than ordering--often ignored.
So also with the disparate polemics of urbanism that have characterised the discourse for the last thirty years; the A to Z of urban mantras--quoted by Mirko Zardini, the exhibition's curator--from Anxious City to Zwischenstadt, that speak mostly of alienation and indirection.
They see those consultants continue to crank out dreary political ads that rely on direct, rational persuasion rather than the emotion and indirection of commercial--and Republican--advertising.
The hardships of a contemporary tragedy fail to daunt her irrepressible innocence, for, in deploying his curious cast of "lodgers," Velickovic reveals an artistry that defeats the forces of brutality with wit, indirection, and boundless good humor.
A proverb works by indirection, its surface meaning encoding a latent meaning.