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Thus, we can conclude that in the imperfect, aorist, and the pluperfect the oblique forms mark indirectness while in other tenses they are used to express the speakers attitude towards the mediated information.
Erika Krautmane discussed evidentiality in Livonian in her report "Concerning the Expression of Indirectness in Livonian".
The role of cultural influences in Japanese communication: A literature review on social and situational factors and Japanese indirectness.
The indirectness of letter signs can maintain the people's identity of onlookers, since exploring truth itself through writing leaves much imaginary space for thinking.
Gossen's painstaking field work among the Chamula Mayans is instructive: in a culture that prides itself on ambiguity and indirectness, it took him nearly a year to discover proverbial sayings (211).
I should practice Asian indirectness, enryo-sasshi.
The European attitude suggests centeredness, control, linearity, directness; the Africanist mode suggests asymmetricality (that plays with falling off center), looseness (implying flexibility and vitality), and in indirectness of approach.
The rigorous indirectness of the koan tradition seems part of her craft.
The logic of God-talk is governed by the intrinsic reflexivity and indirectness of this metaphoric signification.
Arbitrariness and indirectness are constituents of the "signifying order of the world" because we communicate by means of signs that are always referential, since they stand for something else, and their meanings and senses are arbitrary constructs of cultures and single individuals.
Both the aspects of narratorial indirectness and the issue of context-sensitivity deserve further attention with regard to the representation of madness.