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For instance, English tends to rely heavily on indirectness and distancing with, for example, the semi-formulaic Would you mind.
Data from the included papers were extracted onto preformatted forms by both authors independently, detailing study design, population, sample characteristics, intervention, comparator, results, conflicts of interest, risk of bias and indirectness.
GRADE Analyses for main primary and secondary outcomes: ECT for agitation in schizophrenia Outcomes N (arms) Risk of Inconsistency Indirectness bias ECT alone vs.
571, 602-03 (2008); Smith, Institutions and Indirectness in
The speaker claims authority by using short conclusive statement without any hedging or indirectness, when he says, "Hostilities exist" (MUU 41).
Although indirectness is not exclusive to Japan, it is often given as the defining characteristic for Japanese discourse and communication.
In spite of the counterintuitive nature of this pedagogical argument, Doiz, Lasagabaster and Sierra prove in chapter seven that the indirectness that characterizes CLIL provides learners with more affordances for language learning, accompanied by increased student motivation.
These three infrequently endorsed ER strategies may be less emphasized in AA because AA provides guidance on how to deal with emotions and life situations directly, while these three techniques involve a certain degree of indirectness.
These differences in communication behavior of indirectness versus directness can be attributed to the following five factors: (a) cultural differences between low- and high-context communication styles, (b) interdependent and independent self-construal, (c) conversational constraints between Asian and European American cultures, (d) avoidance of loss of face, and (e) influence of traditional Asian and European American cultural values in terms of maintaining interpersonal harmony and emotional self-control.
24,25] The approach consists of five components: indirectness, inconsistency, imprecision, publication bias, and study limitations.
VARGTIMMEN), Scandinavian directors imbue the atmosphere of their films with a sense of indirectness and mystery.
Traditional Chinese humor can be classified as "soft humor" featuring indirectness because it does not match the extent of aggressiveness and exaggerations displayed in Western humor: "Western humor, mostly, has the naturalness of depending on the plot and atmosphere coupled with philosophic words full of wit, while the Chinese humor often takes the form of a story by describing the contradiction between a person's words and deeds, or between beauty and ugliness with idiomatic expressions"(Yin38]).