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The inference is a variation of an argument that is sometimes raised as an objection to or rationale for restricting quantification over all properties in a Leibnizian principle of the indiscernibility of identicals.
The same issue arises with the problem of the indiscernibility of art.
To look ahead, however, the central point of my critique is that if a mental type P is identical with the disjunction of three physical realizations A [disjunction] B [disjunction] C, then indeed the indiscernibility of identicals requires that either P be a non-type if A [disjunction] B [disjunction] C is not a type, or that A [disjunction] B [disjunction] C be a type if P is a type; but there is an ambiguity here: P is a mental type and A [disjunction] B [disjunction] C is not a physical type.
Limbo is an indeterminate space or impossible space that exists despite attempts to separate the sacred and the profane--a remnant of spatial indiscernibility that always returns despite best efforts to maintain boundaries.
Pertinence is overtaken by indiscernibility, obviated by searchability.
Indiscernibility and Perception: a Reply to Joseph Margolis, British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol.
It is as though Seydel has submerged himself into Ruth to a point of near indiscernibility in his crossing of visual art and poetry, male and female, past and present.
For Deleuze, indiscernibility is integral to Bacon's art, where being ("etre") never resolves to a defined human or object (or animal) form.
Similar to McLuhan's comic incorporation of others' voices, Deleuze is in the habit of using free indirect discourse, whereby he "creates a zone of indiscernibility between his ideas and the ideas of the thinkers that he writes about," "to turn their separate voices into a multivocal 'becoming.
An area, according to Deleuze and Guattari, of indetermination, of indiscernibility where something can pass from man to animal and vice versa, just because things, beasts, and persons have reached the very point that endlessly precedes any natural differentiation (DELEUZE; GUATTARI, 1991).
If he means the law of the indiscernibility of identicals, then the first clause must share the same qualities with the second clause.
4) Needless to say that one can still recognize this relief from "the slavery of self-preservation" (Stoterdijk and Heinrichs 2001, 334, 47-48) in the final chord of Sloterdijk's public letter from 1999 to Jurgen Habermas, whose "priestly" (63) demagogy or "dictatorship of moral virtue" (Sloterdijk 1999a) during the Rules for the Human Park-affair had exemplified in the most exact manner both the discrete gap between theory and practice of communicative action and its indiscernibility from the "stage direction of ressentiment" (2001b, 58) at large.