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The same issue arises with the problem of the indiscernibility of art.
Pertinence is overtaken by indiscernibility, obviated by searchability.
An area, according to Deleuze and Guattari, of indetermination, of indiscernibility where something can pass from man to animal and vice versa, just because things, beasts, and persons have reached the very point that endlessly precedes any natural differentiation (DELEUZE; GUATTARI, 1991).
If he means the law of the indiscernibility of identicals, then the first clause must share the same qualities with the second clause.
Readers are thus caught up in what Deleuze would call a becoming, or a zone of indiscernibility.
3) Although it seems to be possible to understand numerical identity without connecting the numerically identical objects to predicates, such a connection is frequently discussed in two further proposals: (3) some commentators speak of "relative identity," whereby--according to one interpretation--numerical identity and identity of qualities cannot be combined in such a way that one would follow from the other; (4) (4) there is an even stronger, epistemological and ontological meaning which affirms just this inference from the identity of qualities to numerical identity and/or vice versa--the identity of indiscernibles and the indiscernibility of identicals (both principles known as Leibniz's Law (5)).
One might also think that the principle at Topics VII 1, 152b25-9 (let us follow the common practice of calling it 'the Indiscernibility of Identicals' (35)) is not in play in the Physics because Aristotle has either a confused or an eccentric understanding of it.
To support their view, defenders of the four dimensional view have developed an argument, The Descartes-Minus Argument, which is designed to show that defenders of the three dimensional view run afoul of the logical law of the Indiscernibility of Identicals, i.
Ideology's ordinary indiscernibility in discourse is attributed to the functioning of hegemonic power.
Indiscernibility implies that two distinct objects can be distinguished on class information about their attributes.
Deleuze gives the name "crystal image" to the indiscernibility of "time in the pure state," of "the very distinction between" an image and the same image in its "virtual" dimension as something being recorded to an archive (C2, 82), "still present and already past" (C2, 79).
For their part, Cytter's recent films capture situations in which immediacy and technical mediation, authenticity and artifice, collapse into a kind of indiscernibility that is recognizable today not only in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, and Berlin, the cities where she has mainly worked, but, probably, in most of the world's cities.