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The subjects' faces are indiscernible, making the viewer squint to see what the subjects are portraying in the painting.
Al enfrentarse con ella percibio que una obra es indiscernible del objeto que representa puesto que externamente no difiere en nada de el.
The molecule, 4-maloni1-3,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid (known as irbic acid), has always existed in Centella but at levels so low that its presence was indiscernible among many other low level compounds existing in the plant.
Electoral politics is an art of the most difficult and indiscernible kind.
But, unlike the indiscernible blobs of metal of "Transfomers," you can actually see what is going on in each action sequence.
The husband and kids are in every happy family snap, while you might catch a glimpse of a shadow so indiscernible it's impossible to tell if it's me or a shot aimed at giving hope to Nessie hunters.
The building's details were indiscernible at night," said Borden, who used an array of powerful LED lighting fixtures from Montreal-based Lumenpulse to make the building's silhouette and details come alive after dark.
in one fell swoop, the point of its connection indiscernible.
A bitterly cold Laund Hill day was made far worse by the descent of heavy mist which made much of the second half action indiscernible from the touchline and at one point was so bad, there must have been the chance of an abandonment before full time.
Personally, I don't hold a view of God as the great manipulator of natural forces - a God who could have prevented Sandy but, for some indiscernible reason, chose not to - any more than I believe in man's ability to control the world in which we live.
La performance poetica es un mixto y como tal una zona indiscernible donde se confunden tradiciones, aquella propia de la escritura poetica y aquella otra de la performatividad escenica.
The motives of the attack are indiscernible but the Arab Bedouin tribe of Al-Rashiydah is commonly associated with arms and human trafficking activities across the shared borders between eastern Sudan and Eritrea.