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A spokesperson for the JFF last night said: "This decision is consistent with the head coach's zero tolerance approach for acts of indiscipline and indiscretion.
Woods's long-time caddie Steve Williams insists he had no knowledge of any of the player's indiscretions, which have come to light since a car crash outside his home just over a fortnight ago.
These seemingly minor indiscretions are seen as offensive and threatening of religious and social mores in the Islamic Republic.
Tony Blair no doubt has his own political reasons for attempting to protect Ruth Kelly from the inevitable effects of her department's recently revealed indiscretions, but there must be accountability in public life.
She suffers heartbreak and humiliation, and nearly dies because of her indiscretion and excessive sentimentality.
He gives the first words of his book to Bachmann, in a letter she writes him: "every obituary is necessarily an indiscretion.
David's rendition of the event, on this month's cover of Emerging Infectious Diseases, does not dwell on Napoleon's imperial indiscretion.
Using Valentine's Day as a launch date, Perry's Ice Cream has introduced Indiscretion Luscious ice Cream, a six--flavor superpremium line.
If a White House indiscretion that harmed no one was worth hundreds of millions of dollars in legal and political maneuvering, and thousands of hours of saturation media coverage, then I think we can afford to deal with the mercury problem right now.
The delusion of having AIDS often revolves around guilt over a sexual indiscretion, such as an extramarital affair years earlier, report pyschiatrists Steven L.
Sydney, June 17 ( ANI ): Australian captain Michael Clarke has said it is time to move on from David Warner's indiscretion.