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The groups responsible for the indiscriminate attacks ranged from militants like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group to militants grouped under the Free Syrian Army, the report said.
The government's use of unlawful means of attack has also included cluster munitions, weapons that have been banned by most nations because of their indiscriminate nature.
By whatever definition you want to hang on it, sin amounts to making indiscriminate life choices that lead to death.
The military launched an attack near the house of Tata Uy in Reina Regente Village, said the MILF, adding: "The firing was indiscriminate because there was no encounter involving the army troops against any armed group in the area [which began on Friday].
IHK Law Minister Ali Muhammad Sagar also condemned the indiscriminate firing by the CRPF personnel and termed it "totally unwarranted".
But war, defined as the massive and indiscriminate use of force (and technology dictates that any large-scale use of force cannot be focused on a particular evil-doer) cannot be accepted, once you understand its human consequences.
But our as thoughts go out to the families of all the victims - innocent people making their way to work - we spare a special thought for the families of Irish people caught up in the indiscriminate blasts which killed at least 50 people.
Bollards will protect pedestrian areas from indiscriminate parking and there will also be new street furniture, including litter bins, selected by the community.
SIR; I would disagree with the author of the anonymous letter in your October 2 issue, p28, that graduates are indiscriminate.
Whereas the foregoing question dealt with evoking disproportionate adversary response, this one focuses on the potential indiscriminate nature of such response.
Showering the island with poison from a helicopter made it even more indiscriminate.
proponents of indiscriminate killing sprees are usually not aware that, apart from serious ethical considerations, there are lingering imprints on the species in terms of family stability, territorial behavior and many other concrete biological variables .