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He said that district administration had always taken strict action against fleecing people and fine was imposed on retailers indiscriminately, if they were found involved in profiteering.
First, they attacked him with knife and then fired indiscriminately.
SANA reporter in Daraa said that the terrorist organizations positioned in al-Naziheen camp and Daraa al-Balad opened fire indiscriminately on Friday at al-Kashef and al-Dahia neighborhoods, leaving a child and a woman wounded.
We highly encourage everyone to report to the nearest police station those who are selling deadly firecrackers and those people especially in the uniformed service if they are indiscriminately firing their firearms before, during and after the New Year celebration,' EPD director Chief Superintendent Romulo Sapitula said.
The beauty of Mahodand Lake and adjacent areas fading as precious trees of Diyaar are cut down by timber mafia indiscriminately for sitting cabin hotels.
A WOMAN is fighting for her life after a knifeman ran into a London car park and indiscriminately stabbed shoppers.
He told how a gunman fired indiscriminately into the crowd at the Eagles of Death Metal concert, changing the magazine of his automatic rifle as people tried to flee for their lives.
A spokesman for the ministry said that when the man's father attempted to turn him to the authorities, the suspect used a gun and fired indiscriminately, killing his father and injuring two police officers.
Did Mr Banks know that deer were classed as vermin in those days and considered a nuisance, supposedly destroying the tundra above the tree line on the mountain sides and shot indiscriminately by bounty hunters in helicopters?
In the worst incident, unknown armed men on Thursday killed at least 10 people when they fired indiscriminately on passengers of a mini-bus.
Thousands of soldiers backed by tanks were yesterday reported to have poured into the city where the uprising began, opening fire indiscriminately on civilians.
THE Finance Minister yesterday insisted his brother was joking when he accused him of indiscriminately slashing departmental budgets.