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Throughout her life friends spoke to her of this shocking indiscriminateness of hers.
The sheer indiscriminateness with which Davidsson applies this technique, as with rhetoric, invites the deepest scepticism.
Indeed, the stringency with which Justine reserves her body from commerce contradicts the indiscriminateness with which she proffers her tale.
Structurally similar to Ruth's grandmother's indiscriminateness and Sylvie's housekeeping, the text itself accumulates details, but not in service of one particular way of seeing the world it presents.
The scene is sufficiently clear for us to get the general point, but it will never be clear enough to tell us who these people are or think they are, because, as their sexual indiscriminateness suggests, they're just part of another anonymous crowd.
Yes, sex was overt in Whitman's poems--not the coy naughtiness of most previous erotic poetry, but an open, even naive acclamation of joy in sexual love, accompanied sometimes by an implicit recommendation of indiscriminateness.
to the indiscriminateness that came with its very rigidity.