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The sound of indiscriminating parps from bored eight-year-olds made you wish rugby's answer to the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Child Catcher would sweep through the BT Stand with his large cage.
Thus far facts about war crimes and crimes against humanity have been largely ignored, unreported and unaddressed by the international human rights community and the Afghan Government, the right body said From the disproportionate and indiscriminating use of military power to the large-scale crimes of mass-killing of civilians and prisoners of war to the destruction of essential civilian infrastructures, Afghanistan's immediate history is replete with all types of appalling crimes.
Terrorists opened indiscriminating firing on them and both persons were injured in the firing.
These other technologies have been sidelined in a developer-led wind rush, fuelled by an indiscriminating subsidy regime.
It works despite the inherently "wild" voltage and amperage output of his custom homemade turbine because-in sharp contrast to motors and electronic devices-resistance heaters are relatively indiscriminating about the current they are fed.
In an age when notions of what constitutes culture are being continually redefined, partly due to the indiscriminating (and unregulated) tsunami of electronic media, what do we expect from the buildings that contain it, disseminate it, engage with it and preserve it?
One edge of Perec's position cut against an attitude of cultural pluralism and its indiscriminating tolerance toward incompatible aesthetic trends, a tolerance arguably mirroring that of the market itself.
We live in an age that almost automatically dismisses seminal texts and ideas in favor of an indiscriminating neoterism.
The fact that the son of Birmingham's head of education has experienced it shows how random and indiscriminating bullies are.
Although the indiscriminating left-flush list of subtitles at the beginning of each chapter can be reorganized into a hierarchy of clearer structure of the target content, Health and Inequality is overall a superior textbook that demonstrates great attentiveness to effective student learning.
In this mayhem, journalists are often at the receiving end of indiscriminating violence.
The mind-set, however, of the Elizabethan governing classes that we noted earlier--contemptuously, even hysterically indiscriminating in its fury toward all revolt53will have prevented the registering of any such distinction.