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For years, women across the world have been on a continuous fight to ensure that there is gender equality and parity while they fight all forms of indiscrimination against the feminine gender in a world that seems programmed to serve the masculine gender.
It added: "This assault includes an assault on Coptic citizens and on the rights of citizenship and indiscrimination between citizens.
The first definition of indiscrimination is found in article
Moreover, teacher's own conduct should be a reflection of respect for law, indiscrimination and what is required of a responsible citizen.
If the causes and reasons for the rise of one civilization are based on individual freedom, genuine representative and participatory governments, economic liberalization and decentralization, universal education, gender indiscrimination and rule of law, the other civilization would have to either find new paradigms for the progress and development, or, follow the suit.
Assassination is not from the air, not with a bomb from the sky, but using a new method of collective indiscrimination.
Christians often complained about alleged state indiscrimination and persecution by radical Islamists under Mubarak, an ex-army officer, who ruled Egypt for almost 30 years.
Similarly, a low scoring in the test, however, would lead us to conclude an indiscrimination ability of simple and complex figures, that is, the field dependence.
There is peace and development and no indiscrimination.
Open-mindedness and indiscrimination antireligious orientation.
Participants said women in Afghanistan continued to face injustices and indiscrimination against them in the patriarchal society.
The project will contribute to the achievement of the following outputs: Policy and program support to enhance national human rights promotion and protection systems UNDP s engagement with marginalised, vulnerable, and excluded groups strengthened and indiscrimination firmly integrated into UNDP programming and policy processes UNDP support to civil society strengthened.