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Furthermore, street art is one of the most indiscriminative types of mass communication; it communicates with people who might not have the freedom to access any other type of media.
Perhaps looking over the fence to check what neighbours are doing would not do any harm--it might prevent embarrassing unduly indiscriminative and ill-informed statements as those offered by C&F in their Journal of Biogeography paper.
To journalists like Altan -- or the late Hrant Dink, assassinated out in the open -- freedom means a bold exercise: indiscriminative, fearless critical coverage of "sacred" institutions, powerful bureaucracy, majority governments and issues seen as taboo.
Which may be due, in some cases, to an indiscriminative bond-break mechanism which will act on any ester or amide that can gain close contact with the enzyme activity center[15].
The authors found evidence suggesting that multiple chemical sensitivity is sometimes used as an indiscriminative label for undiagnosed disorders.
Those opposed to [section] 1201 claim that because it is too broad, restrictive, and indiscriminative, it will have the effect of hindering or diminishing "fair use" and that it will disturb the delicate copyright balance by unfairly providing too much power and control to copyright owners.
They demanded the caretaker government to take notice of the issue and indiscriminative loadshedding be observed in the areas.
The court has ordered Chairman NAB to ensure indiscriminative, transparent and immediate probe of the matter.
She said that power theft would not be tolerated at any cost and indiscriminative action would be taken against all those who would be involved in power theft.