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A new way of thinking about Inference to the Best Explanation (IBE) is proposed and recent trends in the debate over the indispensability of mathematics to science are tracked and criticised.
Marc Jacobs's spring/summer show for Louis Vuitton demonstrated the indispensability of the perfect purse.
Ridsdale is the Clare Short of English football, full of fine words and noble sentiments, ever playing to the gallery, but shamelessly clinging to his salary and perks, and the mirage of his own indispensability.
Keane's looks a classic case of a man of limited intelligence starting to believe the stories about his indispensability and simply getting too big for his boots.
As Reformed theologians, Schleiermacher and Barth were committed to the indispensability of divine grace that election upholds.
Putnam criticizes scientism and reducing philosophy to science, reviews the indispensability argument and liars paradox, interrogates the fact/value dichotomy, tries to save Wittgenstein from anti-realist readings, argues for the untenability of skepticism, compares the Aristotelean mind to the contemporary mind.
Because of the indispensability complex of these 'immortals' and cronies wielding power (with the exception of Lebanon), who deprive their people of even the basic right to elect their own governments.
The speech was timed to remind the world of the president's leading role, his indispensability, and it immediately preceded another round of diplomacy on Syria between the U.
Dr Kamila Al Alawi, director, education and training, Royal Hospital; Anna Marie Power, head of service training, Dubai Airports; and Hayssam Al Amine, founder and managing director, resource performance management offered first-hand insights on the indispensability of customer service to the success of their respective organisations.
In whatever sense in which mental talk is indispensable, is its indispensability incompatible with eliminative materialism?
BIHAR CHIEF Minister Nitish Kumar's Adhikar rally in Delhi was a categorical predication of the JDU's indispensability in forming a government at the Centre, and thereby the Centre's compulsion to grant Bihar special status.
The rapid developments in our region and the challenges we face today leave no room for doubt about the indispensability of joint Gulf action," Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah said.