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Because I think you form the indispensable link to the indispensable alliance.
Within this context, freedom of press is one of indispensable elements of democracy.
The world has two indispensable nations for resolving global challenges, China and US, and each are nervous about the other
European Central Bank executive board member, Yves Mersch, has said that the banking union in the EU is indispensable for the region's broader monetary union.
Johnson, a media and technology director for a public school district, helps K-12 school librarians become indispensable in today's digital environment by having key skills and offering critical services.
In his book, Myler approaches the idea of becoming indispensable by understanding the basics of business.
Through Indispensable you will be able to understand these formats and learn to be leaders.
For Germany the United Kingdom is an indispensable partner in the European Union," he said.
For Germany, the United Kingdom is an indispensable partner in the European Union," he said.
LONDON, Apr 5, 2011 (TUR) -- The Turkish Cypriot foreign minister said on Tuesday that accidents might sometimes occur in relations between Turkey and his country, however, this did not change the fact that Turkey was TRNC's motherland and Turkish Cypriots were an indispensable part of the Turkish nation.
The objectives approved by the eurozone summit on budget consolidation and structural reforms are indispensable for restoring confidence in the Portuguese economy,' he told the press, on 24 March in Brussels, ahead of the European Council.
Lebanese PM called cooperation with Iran indispensable for the probable threats endangering both countries.