indispensable condition

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The taking of a modern steamship about the world (though one would not minimize its responsibilities) has not the same quality of intimacy with nature, which, after all, is an indispensable condition to the building up of an art.
Thirdly, they both have or had that most indispensable condition for successful irregular or asymmetric war--a base of operations that is not only secure from significant attack but secure from even the threat of it.
Listening is an indispensable condition for meaningful communication.
Martin banishing from the public square the one indispensable condition for the true greatness of man--God himself.
economic prospects by the year-end with rising stocks, and they think the depreciation of the dollar is an indispensable condition for that,'' he said.
Reflection of this nature is an indispensable condition for developing character.
In his historic abdication broadcast, Edward declared: "Marriage has become an indispensable condition of my continued existence, whether as a king or a man.
Eisaku Sato said Friday that recovery of trust in the government's nuclear policy is an indispensable condition for implementing a "pluthermal" plan to burn mixed oxide (MOX) fuel at the No.
On one such cone, the text began: "The unity of all the people that was an indispensable condition for the revolutionary triumph.
The cultural distinctiveness of the 'Umma is a historical reality, an indispensable condition of reform, and a safeguard against the cultural distortions that would result from Westernization.
The indispensable condition for success in this is the preservation of civil consensus and inter-ethnic peace.
It is rather the indispensable condition for the quest for human completion.