indispensable item

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Martin Talbot, chief executive of the Official Charts Company said that ever since the album was first released in 1981, it has been an indispensable item in every music fan's record collection.
One of them turned out to be an indispensable item in my fly box.
It is almost indispensable item in the making of most curries and is used generously.
Then they became an indispensable item in middle and lower-class households.
Nicholas Riasanovsky is a classic Russian historian, whose textbooks have been an indispensable item on the desks of many generations of graduate students and scholars.
That's why Cassell's Dictionary Of Catchphrases is sure to become an indispensable item on any cultivated cove's book shelf, unearthing the lineage for all your favourite lines.
But for me, despite all the other attractions, there is only one truly indispensable item in this paper: Ask Yve.
It also comes complete with matching coloured carrying case for easy storage and is an indispensable item for any sporting events, outdoor concerts, picnics or fishing activities etc.
The analysts of Forit predict that the mobile phone will soon become an indispensable item of the consumer's everyday life -- much like house keys -- and will take users beyond normal voice telephony phone calls.
For parties, the black shift dress will be seen everywhere - making it an indispensable item.
An indispensable item is a large enamelware roasting pan with cover.
March 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Rift Gold as an indispensable item of the Rift game has achieved good sales performance after its release.