indispensable thing

See: necessary
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That's an indispensable thing if you're going into an industry like ours.
Reader's death illustrates a terrible downside of cloud software -- sometimes your favourite, most indispensable thing just goes away.
7 -- As today's world is full of so much audio-visual content, multimedia capability is an indispensable thing for everyone.
Educated knowledge is an indispensable thing if you are collecting items with big price tags.
Each successive volume became, at a stroke, a bible for local history and architecture, and the indispensable thing to have in one's glove compartment, knapsack or pocket.
The problem would seem to be insoluble, but since it's a question of indispensable things, no one can abandon the search for solutions, and the search for the indispensable thing becomes finally in its own right indispensable, and it isn't entirely clear whether, in this city, one desires that it come to an end.
These qualities minimize fear and maximize sound judgment under pressure, and with that indispensable thing called luck, often end up in success despite seemingly hopeless situations.
Soon we were making the necessary arrangements for workers, equipment and other indispensable things.
But the big attraction includes items placed especially for women: pantyhose, hair brushes, curling irons, cotton balls for taking off makeup, smaller slippers, nail polish and manicure and pedicure kits: all the indispensable things that women use day to day but are not available in ordinary hotel rooms.
Recipe For Success: The Twenty-One Indispensable Things That Can Help YOU Succeed In Life by author, professional historian, and motivational speaker Emma S.