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The Wikipedia entry cited in Helen of Troy clearly does not meet the Rule 201(b) indisputability requirement.
9) While Freud's idea of the bodily ego generates a theory that, starting with hysteria, maps the intimate linkage between the somatic and psychical registers, he nevertheless continues to assert the apparent transparency and indisputability of anatomical principles.
preserves a sense of nuance while maintaining a clear stance: the reader is led into a conceptual matrix that awakens one's critical sense without pushing for the indisputability of the normative solutions suggested.
Thus, even though the majority of previous studies seem to indicate that women will form a more ethical workforce, its indisputability has not been fully established.
This may be regarded as a peculiar culmination point of the scientific approach to the world: by revealing something which is absolutely independent of me, that established order of things which declares the indisputability of the disappearance of the very possibility of my existence, I find myself in a position of utter resignation and imperturbability, I find myself a hardly noticeable particle in a powerful stream of universality.
71) To encourage judges to think about the factual premises underlying an issue in question, the Advisory Committee decided that it would be inappropriate to impose "any limitation in the form of indisputability, any formal requirements of notice other than those already inherent in affording opportunity to hear and be heard and exchanging briefs, and any requirements of formal findings at any level.
Marden's most quoted statement is his 1974 reference to "the indisputability of The Plane," which suited his waxy monochromatic panels of that moment.
According to Miller, that's what we use "the idiom of disgust" for: "[i]t signals seriousness, commitment, indisputability, presentness, and reality" (p.
That is, they all narrate the possibility, inevitability, or indisputability of an improved quality of life through the consumption of what might be called--using a metaphoric license granted by the novel itself--"biotechnology," from soap to genetic engineering, from pharmaceuticals to life insurance.
97) For adjudicative facts, the Advisory Committee Notes suggest that "[a] high degree of indisputability is the essential prerequisite.