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Pelet's boys were the strongest, and when it came to shrieking the girls indisputably beat the boys hollow.
These creatures of mine seemed strange and uncanny to you so soon as you began to observe them; but to me, just after I make them, they seem to be indisputably human beings.
Though in my eyes, at least, Fayaway was indisputably the loveliest female I saw in Typee, yet the description I have given of her will in some measure apply to nearly all the youthful portion of her sex in the valley.
For two weeks we labored at the engines, which indisputably showed evidence of having been tampered with.
Although each formation has indisputably required a vast number of years for its deposition, I can see several reasons why each should not include a graduated series of links between the species which then lived; but I can by no means pretend to assign due proportional weight to the following considerations.
Owen states, proves indisputably that it was intimately related to the Gnawers, the order which, at the present day, includes most of the smallest quadrupeds: in many details it is allied to the Pachydermata: judging from the position of its eyes, ears, and nostrils, it was probably aquatic, like the Dugong and Manatee, to which it is also allied.
One of two remarkable circumstances is indisputably a fact, with reference to that class of society who travel in these boats.
Indisputably this was the case with Another, for he was so cut up by the loss of his young wife that if he outlived her a year it was as much as he did.
If any part of the dinner was a failure, there were fifty indisputably good reasons for it; and it was the fault undeniably of fifty other people, whom Dinah berated with unsparing zeal.
The motives announced on Sunday by the press centre of the Ombudsman specify that this result shows indisputably what the will of the Bulgarian people is, despite the fact that 12,000 votes were insufficient for the referendum to be compulsory.
City were indisputably unlucky to lose and on another day they might well have beaten the league leaders - a result which would have sent them soaring to 11th spot in the table.
We also did some serious work to see how the logo plays across various cultures in the countries we operate in and the response was indisputably positive.