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The change, he claims, indicates that the canon is concerned only with intrinsic indissolubility (the impossibility of dissolution by the spouses) and not with extrinsic indissolubility (the impossibility of dissolution by any human power or by any cause except death).
115) Although we take seriously the weight of the Ephesians text in the discussion of indissolubility we also make our own the question posed by Margaret Farley: "what insights are possible regarding divorce and remarriage from a tradition that makes the sacramentality of marriage a critical warrant for the indissolubility of marriage, and that makes the imaging of a covenant between unequals a critical warrant for sacramentality?
Opinions opposed to the principle of indissolubility or attitudes contrary to it, but without the formal refusal to celebrate a sacramental marriage, do not exceed the limits of simple error.
Among reasons given for defending the current process: "In streamlining, simplifying or reducing the process: injustices and errors could result," or "the impression might be given that the indissolubility of the Sacrament is not respected.
Referring to the indissolubility of the marital bond, he urged the judges and lawyers to both utilize human reason and seek the objective truth when considering the cases before them.
We know there is a need for greater, effective teaching on key tenets of the faith, such as the indissolubility of marriage, the importance of sexual difference for marriage, the natural law, and the married couple's call to be open to life," he said.
A second set of authors proceeds more or less within this now standard framework, including those who agree on its basic terms, but want to renegotiate the meaning of indissolubility so as to provide for flexibility in the face of marital dissolution.
To provoke discussion, Kasper answers the questions "yes" and "no," respectively He also shared ideas for approaches to these painful situations that, he said, respected the church's teachings on the indissolubility of marriage.
For example, John Paul II, in an address of November 24, 2000, to the world's politicians, counselled against "all laws which would do harm to the family, striking at its unity and its indissolubility, or which would give legal validity to a union between persons, including those of the same sex, who demand the same rights as the family founded upon marriage of a man and a woman.
goes further, and seems less concerned about a long history of official affirmation of indissolubility (in most cases).
While admitting that the indissolubility of marriage is "part of the tradition of the church's binding faith that cannot be abandoned or undone by appealing to a superficial understanding of cheapened mercy.
Their fervent witness to the indissolubility, power and beauty of the marriage covenant has also attracted people with solid marriages for formation in Catholic teaching on the sacrament of marriage.