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Several contributors make the point that differences between state responses to piracy reveal governance gaps in the interstate system, gaps that pirates have exploited--and states too, a point emphasizing the indissoluble connection between piracy and state action.
Traditionally, Griot singers such as Tiecoro Sissoko have served as oral historians, genealogists, storytellers and news carriers; their traditions have been an indissoluble cultural glue.
It degrades all that is abstract, spiritual and high to the sphere of the earth and body in their indissoluble unity.
The classism that formed an indissoluble part of the South also threatens to keep them apart, in this thoughtful and emotionally moving romance.
UNESCO pointed to "fundamental issues" in the evaluation process that prevented them from recognizing the value of "the indissoluble bonds that exist in some places between culture and nature.
That is why in recent years Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo has been using a method that establishes the purity of silver through the subtraction method by assessing, via an ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer(*4), a solution in which silver is dissolved with nitric acid and another solution in which indissoluble elements with nitric acid are dissolved using a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid.
Recalling the indissoluble bond between all members of the Arab and Muslim Umma; B.
The company, which holds the concession for the Gorubso Madan metal mines, is penalized after the Smolyan-based environmental inspectorate detected water pollution with indissoluble substances, cadmium and zinc, resulting from the functioning of the Krushev dol mine, according to reports of the Focus news agency.
These strong ties of solidarity and friendship linking our two peoples are well known and remain indissoluble.
Till a few decades ago, it was considered indissoluble and divorce nearly impossible.
By putting them on the wood in this way the pieces have become more spatial, accentuating the chaos opposing it to the clear and unprocessed volume of wood which is not merely the carrier of the porcelain object but an indissoluble part of the sculpture.
WRITING his celebrated History of England in the 19th Century, Thomas Macaulay proposed to explain how "after ages of enmity" Scotland was united to England, "not merely by legal bonds, but by indissoluble ties of interest and affection".