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The begetting and nurturing of children presupposes such a permanent and indissoluble conjugal relationship.
These are the Arabic language authors who enabled the transmission of Greek knowledge to the Latin of medieval Europe, weaving indissoluble ties between cultures through time," she noted.
Une preuve indissoluble que l'engagement pour le respect des droits de l'Homme est une sempiternelle quete.
Pope Francis has called for a more merciful approach to these couples, but conservatives have insisted there is no getting around Jesus' words that marriage is indissoluble.
He stressed the constitution "was based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish state" and that while the charter could be amended in the future, right now the government's priority is to defend it.
The indissoluble bonds are further reinforced by the neighbours' common aspirations for peace, stability and prosperity in the region, according to the letter signed by Sharif.
A massive rally would be demonstrated to mark the Independence celebration of Pakistan and I have invited all political parties and the people of the state to be a part of it to show our indissoluble relation with Pakistan", he added.
When Francis Scott Key, a young Baltimore lawyer, witnessed the fort's endurance and the proud American flag flying even as the British failed to achieve their military objective, his profound feelings of awe and patriotism prompted him to write the lyrics that would become an indissoluble expression of American independence and identity.
In celebrating British artists and also British philosophers, Caroline sought to establish her own affiliation with her new country and to underline the indissoluble links between the Hanoverian dynasty and the thrones of England.
Several contributors make the point that differences between state responses to piracy reveal governance gaps in the interstate system, gaps that pirates have exploited--and states too, a point emphasizing the indissoluble connection between piracy and state action.
Traditionally, Griot singers such as Tiecoro Sissoko have served as oral historians, genealogists, storytellers and news carriers; their traditions have been an indissoluble cultural glue.
As of the 1968 Reform, the concept of a university extension program became linked to learning and research, to such an extent that these interrelated components became indissoluble.