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The steel grid members are to be connected indissolubly in the fence corners.
I am here to attend the funeral of Clerides not merely to express my personal grief, but to bestow a special honour on behalf of Hellenism to a fine political man who indissolubly linked his name with the modern history of the island," Greek Premier Samaras told reporters.
The concept of Beauty conveyed by her figures appears indissolubly linked to ideals extensively explored by German Romantic thinkers and painters.
And how strongly you made us feel a sense of loss for all that we have lost+ and gave us hope of recovering it, if art can once again be indissolubly linked to life.
Yet to proclaim that "the destinies of the two races, in this country, [were] indissolubly linked together" (46) did not mean that the two were equal in fact: they were not.
46) Either way, the nature of the Prometheus krater is indissolubly linked with Andromeda vases, with regard to both origin and purpose, for the conscious enjoyment of the Prometheus krater acquires significance only if associated with a vase with Andromeda in the same position.
108) who sees that "any research is indissolubly related to power and control" may see that indigenous research should not only be about "using local language, local subjects, and locally meaningful constructs" (Tsui 2004, p.
Only at the end of this path of explication--only when the ultimate 'respect' under which the entity is seen is indissolubly unified in itself .
But at the moment they settle into our consciousness, indissolubly linked to their duration, these images delineate exquisitely personal story lines.
Indeed, even more mundane policy matters have roots that go deeper: as Irving Babbitt once wrote, "When studied with any degree of thoroughness, the economic problem will be found to run into the political problem, the political problem in turn into the philosophical problem, and the philosophical problem itself to be almost indissolubly bound up at last with the religious problem.
In fact, every year at this time our names are apparently indissolubly connected.
An exceptional person," Luca di Montezemolo said, "who connected his name indissolubly with our history and our success.