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Despite, or precisely because of, the special emphasis placed upon invisibilization in the novel, I would like to suggest, nonetheless, that this process is indissolubly linked to the parallel visual metaphor of blindness, which Ellison, unlike Melville, uses to describe the racial biases embodied by both black and white characters.
Catatonia and neuroleptic malignant syndrome represent two life-threatening medical conditions; therapeutic success is related indissolubly to early and correct diagnosis.
Church emerged from the Civil War as the most famous painter in America, indissolubly associated with the Hudson Valley, his home and his most consistent subject.
I considered krontjong as a musical world in which production, distribution, and reception were indissolubly connected, the dividing-line between professionals and amateurs was sometimes difficult to draw, and all of it was in constant movement within the larger whole that was also on the move.
With the costs of higher education on the rise, the call to justify getting a college degree has been indissolubly linked to the ability to obtain a job once the student graduates.
It has often been claimed that militancy in the UK is indissolubly bound up with British support of US foreign policy.
The tammurriata (plural: tammurriate) dance and music was a kind of performance spread throughout the Vesuvian area around Naples, (2) indissolubly connected to Catholic religious devotions, mostly for the Madonna, that were venerated in several shrines.
thus it is That in such regions, by the sovereignty Of forms still paramount to every change Which years can bring into the human heart Our feelings are indissolubly bound Together, and affinities preserv'd Between all stages of the life of man.
Although this criterion is not indissolubly linked with the legal validity of a norm, the law will not be efficient, will not fulfil its purpose unless the value that it protects will be recognized by the individuals that are forced to obey it.
Italian cookery in the USA therefore became indissolubly linked with foods from Campania, Sicily, Calabria, Abruzzo and Puglia.
Early airpower advocates, such as Brig Gen William "Billy" Mitchell, understood that "the future of our nation is indissolubly bound up in the development of air power.
Olivier Reboul adds: "advertising, that makes massive use of figures of speech--rhymes, metaphors, metonymies, hyperboles, antitheses, allegories, and others, advertising is the living proof that the figure is not only an aesthetic element, but that it can have a persuasive function, and above all things that aesthetic and persuasive are indissolubly related" [ib.