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Sonographic evaluation revealed two oval, parallel, predominantly hypoechoic, circumscribed and indistinct masses in the lateral axilla, just deep to her visible axillary dissection scar.
realms of sex and love, indistinct, undistinguished, thousands of us
airberlin CEO Thomas Winkelmann said: "Old airberlins indistinct market position, the strongly season-dependent route network and the high operating costs have together led to highly unsatisfactory financial results.
He explained that the Sindh Assembly summary regarding Rangers extension was indistinct and added Federal government has used its legitimate right of rejecting the summary.
As for CCTV it has historically been of very little use because the images recorded were indistinct and of poor quality.
Julep is a spunky, quick-thinking, likable character with many flaws whose friends and guardians remain indistinct in the background.
Complete surgical excision is the treatment of choice, but it can be challenging because of the tumor's indistinct margins.
For such a small and indistinct constellation, Cancer has more than its share of binocular treats.
Obviousness type double patenting (ODP), or non-statutory double patenting, is a judicially created doctrine meant to prevent a party from extending an earlier commonly owned patent's term by claiming patentably indistinct subject matter through claims in a later patent.
Rather than 'body art' the indistinct tattoo on Angelina Jolie's upper arm resembles the faded washing instructions on a charity shop shirt"- Kevin R Haigh-Smith, of King's Lynn, Norfolk in a letter to the Daily Mail.
The indistinct image was reminiscent of Tesla's Model S, and one theory is that the company is about to release a driver-assisted version of that vehicle.
10], Hard of hearing and indistinct persons had in low level same as other groups having disabilities by social basic skills and because of it, minimize their valuable feeling and self esteem at last, avoid from confronting to others and minimize their social interaction.