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All this I saw indistinctly and by much effort: for my personal condition had been greatly changed during slumber.
Flushing after a pause, speaking indistinctly because of a paint-brush in her mouth, "and look at the things.
The chamber before him was darker than the corridor, so that he could just indistinctly make out the objects in the room.
The clerk who ushered her in pronounced her name indistinctly, and the elderly man who rose from his chair at her entrance looked at her inquiringly.
It was still light enough to see, although indistinctly, through the gray haze of the evening, the vast expanse of the horizon.
For dream he did, vaguely and indistinctly, eyes wide open and awake, the lady-god's hair in a faint-scented cloud about him, her voice mourning with his, his consciousness drowning in the dreams of otherwhereness that came to him of the singing and that was the singing.
Suddenly he emerged from the forest into an old road, and there before him saw, indistinctly, the figure of a man, motionless in the gloom.
Nicholas started, and indistinctly apologising for the interruption, begged his patron to proceed.
It was now the beginning of winter, and I never saw a more cheerless prospect; the dusky woods, piebald with snow, could be only seen indistinctly, through a drizzling hazy atmosphere.
I remember that when I first looked into these depths there were many large trunks to be seen indistinctly lying on the bottom, which had either been blown over formerly, or left on the ice at the last cutting, when wood was cheaper; but now they have mostly disappeared.
Indistinctly as she saw the murderer, it would be hard to make the public believe that she could not have recognised him, if Darzac had been the criminal.
But he heard it indistinctly through the sound of his own footsteps, and hoped he was mistaken.