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Macropterous form: Thorax: Pronotum wider than long, with hispid tubercles, subquadrate, flattened, not declivous; frontal angles rounded, not projecting; humeral angles obtuse, not exposed; collar indistinctly depressed, not separated by a distinct incised line; middle third of pronotal disk with a broad longitudinal sulcus; anterolateral margins obliquely straight, roughly granulate; posterior margin concavely arcuate before base of scutellum; prosternum depressed; meso and metasternum sulcate; anterior lobe of metathoracic peritreme weakly reniform, posterior lobe subacute, raised; evaporative area short; posterior margin of metapleura with outer third obtusely rounded, and slightly raised.
Flashbacks and present-day events converge indistinctly to the point that it's impossible to make out what's happening and where.
Parahi te marae (There Is the Temple), 1892, which shows the empty space of a disused sacred precinct and has the specter of a long-vanished Tahitian effigy scratched indistinctly into its lushly painted surface, is in both theme and form a picture of pastness, of a culture that disappears before our eyes as the idol sinks into invisibility.
The three Adler kids are indistinctly written, which is nonetheless preferable to the buffoon of a prospective son-in-law John Krasinski is asked to play.
In spite of her introductory warning against the vagueness surrounding notions of globalization and empire, Newman tends to use those two words indistinctly throughout the rest of the book, contributing to their terminological ambivalence.
If, however, the pupil endeavors to sing passages on one vowel, and in proper time, he will be sure to execute them indistinctly.
What might it have meant, she asks, "on both the dramatic and the historical stage, to speak indistinctly .