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But nothing in the previous eq (2,1) allows this conclusion, rather it seems true exactly the contrary because [DELTA]x defining V has nothing to do with m therein delocalized: indeed, as above stated, the indistinguishability of identical particles is just due to the possibility that any particle could be found in a given range.
To lend further statistical support, Wald and Likelihood Ratio tests of indistinguishability were performed (Long, 1997).
1934) (the court stating "Simulation amounting to unfair competition does not reside in identity of single features of dress or markings nor in indistinguishability when the articles are set side by side, but is to be tested by the general impression made by the offending article upon the eye of the ordinary purchaser or user.
With regard to the indistinguishability, the typical behaviour of the network equipment is to reset these bits to default values destroying the secret channel.
This parallelism between indistinguishability and infinity corresponds with the final moments of The Incredible Shrinking Man in which Carey considers the mystical trajectory of his diminishment as continuing on from the subatomic level to the astronomical scale.
The proximity between sleep and death in Romeo and Juliet suggests the uncertain boundaries between the two states, and this reflects the phenomenological indistinguishability of the two in audience perception (it is hard to tell a "sleeping" character from a "dead" one).
The academic left went after me because I seemed to be dewing the perfectibility of humankind and the biological indistinguishability of all people.
As regards the indistinguishability of events, "give" is more similar to direct than to indirect causation, and thus displays highly transitive traits.
Although he takes us part of the way in deconstructing the binary that separates the white Jake from the Jewish Cohn, Michaels is clear to distinguish their indistinguishability, noting, "[I]t is the similarity of the 'imitation' to the real thing" (73).
She thinks that in their desire to get rid of atomism, holistic thinkers erroneously pronounce indistinguishability as the only solution to the egoistic accounts of the self.
Since the reporter can never possess any intimacy with Laverne, and since the reporter's physical passions seem wrapped up to the point of indistinguishability from his literary passions, the two arguments cancel each other out: (1) The only way the reporter can possess Laverne is to narrate her, and (2) The only way the reporter can narrate Laverne is to possess her.
If the idea of nationhood that sustains the nation-state acts as the image of the ego or "the other which we are" (Lacan, Freud's Papers 140), then Faulkner's Yoknapatawphan narratives, which introduce a gap in the structure of desire that accommodates the state to narrative ideal, creates an alternate imaginary place where the image of the ego-ideal must confront its indistinguishability without and from the other.