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lit eyes the eyes burnt out and indistinguishable blinking under my
Demonstrations were arranged and the head office directors were reportedly so impressed by the quality of the images, they immediately understood the value of being able to actually identify facial features versus trying to pick out the color of clothing on an indistinguishable blob rendered by competing products.
With the line between business and lifestyle almost indistinguishable, it's becoming more important to make time to escape the pressures of day-to-day demands--if only for a few days.
1) Mean scores on standard scales measuring depression, self-esteem and mental health were statistically indistinguishable between samples.
While many schools allow students to carry cell phones for emergencies and to communicate with home, units with cameras are almost indistinguishable, and heighten the potential for cheating, invasion of privacy, bullying and harassment.
It is still a big question whether enough information has been collected that leads to the definite conclusion that "by and large, the scholarly activities and aspirations of Jesuits were indistinguishable from those of other contemporary savants, secular or ordained" (2).
In the years to come, sourcing strategy will be increasingly indistinguishable from competitive strategy.
I see Jesus as having entered the realm of the archetypes, becoming indistinguishable from the archetype of humanness.
African American culture--music, language, and foodways--often became indistinguishable from United States culture.
The concentrations were higher for the new instrument because some stained fines were indistinguishable from resin particles.
But they instead give President Bush kudos for pushing policies and programs indistinguishable in substance from President Clinton's.
He said it was "just a coincidence" that a fibre indistinguishable from the curtain was found on the velcro strap of Sarah's shoe.