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Generics that work indistinguishably from brand drugs are certainly attractive for the U.
Generics that work indistinguishably from brand name drugs are certainly attractive for the U.
Northern sector denotes the assemblage where bones from grave A and B are indistinguishably mixed.
Though there are several reasons which are responsible for the improvement in the numbers of girl child, one factor which indistinguishably stands out is the presence of Deshpande, who has been spearheading a campaign against sex determination of the unborn child for almost three decades now.
MXP3 obliquely placed on buccal cavity, ischium and merus indistinguishably fused, palp of three articles, joined end to end; carpus larger than propodus and dactylus combined, propodus extending distally, small dactylus distally inserted on ventral margin of propodus.
Tracks in the snow also both point back along different paths and are liable to cross each other or even become indistinguishably entangled in places of minor and major convergences.
Distance: Remember all that land beneath the plane; that coastline of dim beaches deep in sand stretching indistinguishably an the way, all the way to where my reasons end?
Assay specificity tests by constructing dose-response curves for synthetic hepcidin-20, -22, -24, and -25 showed that the Anticalin-based assay detected hepcidin-25, as well as all 3 smaller isoforms, virtually indistinguishably.
Given the numerous etiologies of myelopathy, and the fact that cervical myelopathy presents either vaguely similar to or near indistinguishably from a multitude of pathologies, the differential diagnosis is very broad.
Hence, while keeping the unity of the play through Midgley, Churchill also portrays three different episodes which are separate from each other both in terms of characterisation and dramatisation, and which obviously do not "succeed one another indistinguishably but [.
3) Many critics judge the book's characters to be as indistinguishably grey as the suburb they inhabit, although they exempt the central protagonist, the unruly Scottish visitor Dougal Douglas, from such strictures.