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Virgo's goal only fomented the feeling of discontent around the Banks's Stadium but the biggest inditement of Walsall's punchless and, in some quarters, passionless, display was their failure to score against a team which had conceded eight goals in it's last two away games.
The translation appears in A True Report of the inditement, arraignment, conviction, condemnation, and Execution of John Weldon, William Hartley, and Robert Sutton (London, 1588; STC: 25229), in which the minister reprimands Weldon: 'Thou thinkest (peradventure) to gaine among Papists ye name of a Martyr: but remember, it is not poena but causa quae facit martyrem, not the punishment but the cause that maketh the martyr' (C1).
(1674, 5:156) Wee, of the jury, one and all, both English and Indians, doe joyntly and with one consent agree vpon a verdict: that Tobias, and his son Wampaquan, and Mattashunnamo, the Indians, whoe are the prisoners, are guilty of the blood of John Sassamon, and were the murderers of him, according to the bill of inditement. ...