individual characteristic

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Behind this first charging demon trailed nineteen others, similar in all respects, but, as I learned later, bearing individual characteristics peculiar to themselves; precisely as no two of us are identical although we are all cast in a similar mold.
The construction of a fable involves a minute attention to (1) the narration itself; (2) the deduction of the moral; and (3) a careful maintenance of the individual characteristics of the fictitious personages introduced into it.
Each has his individual characteristics of face and form and gait as well defined as those that differentiate members of the human family, and besides these the creatures of the jungle have a still more positive test-that of scent.
Questionnaires and interviews were used to assess individual characteristic, belief, ideal body image, and social support.
Some psychologists have described motivation as a trait or individual characteristic while others see motivation as a state, a temporary situation.
Table 4 Individual Characteristic Estimation Results Controlling Controlling for industry for industry and occupation Age 0.
Once in place, Saflink's solution is said to simplify and strengthen system log-on procedures by replacing a user's password with a unique individual characteristic, such as a finger-print or iris scan.
Only one individual characteristic affected treatment responses, notes psychologist Gerard Connors of the Research Institute on Addictions in Buf- falo, N.
To Palazzolo, this leadership is apparently neither a role nor an individual characteristic but an undefined combination of both.
Individual Characteristic Survey (ICS): pre- and post-camp survey of parents about their child's personal and social development.
Bidders should be aware that the Crime Laboratory is currently accredited for DNA Nuclear and Individual Characteristic Database in the Biology discipline.
Basically, the pill claims to turn perspiration into a fragrance - and because we are all genetically unique, our scented sweat will take on an individual characteristic, too.

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