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But honesty is an individual trait and it will always be up to the worker whether to be trustworthy or not.
However, the mother-of-two believes that handwriting is a very individual trait.
It has been confirmed in many studies that an individual trait was closely related to negative emotion not to positive emotion (Rusting & Larsen, 1997; Watson & Clark, 1992), regardless of brain imaging research (Canli et al.
An individual trait has become a societal bane so much so that it affects even our culture.
However, the problem of using individual trait estimates in place of the true levels still remains.
The significant variations existed in different traits like vegetative, reproductive, biomass, and seed traits etc among different groups of genotypes indicated the impact of genetic variability and gene pool on the expressivity of individual trait.
The factors are modeled as direct influences on the risk an entrepreneur perceives in a venture, with the individual trait, the entrepreneur's personal risk propensity, hypothesized as a variable that moderates the amount of risk they perceive.
Plant breeders are usually restrained by resource limitations, and conducting selections in the most desirable test location for each individual trait may not be realistic.
Gourlay (2002) identifies two issues associated with tacit knowledge: first, whether tacit knowledge is an individual trait or a trait that can be shared by both individuals and groups and, second, whether tacit knowledge can be made explicit.
Traditionally, literature on race and crime has failed to problematize both these notions, seeing "race" as an individual trait and crime as an objective fact.
The top management team questionnaire consisted of individual trait affect items, individual satisfaction and perceived influence measures, demographic information, questions about team-level conflict and cooperation, and an assessment of the degree of participativeness versus autocratic decision-making style of the CEO (as well as other questions not related to this study).
Dickerson's (1947) model considers two traits, the individual trait of interest and the maternal trait affecting its expression.

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