individual under age

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31 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA National) and Rough Notes magazine have announced the creation of the PIA National Young Insurance Professional of the Year Award to recognize outstanding achievement by an individual under age 40.
A "d4A" trust must be created by a parent, guardian or the court from the assets of a disabled individual under age 65.
The award is presented to an individual under age 45 who has made an outstanding contribution to diabetes research.
Located in Louisville, Thompson is responsible for the management of Kentucky group and regional individual under age 65 plans including sales, account service, marketing, underwriting and product development.
Transfers to a trust for the benefit of a disabled individual under age 65.
Starting in 1995, the Act also provides an exception from FICA, taxes with regard to cash wages paid for domestic service in a private home of the employer performed in any year by an individual under age 18 during any portion of such year (provided the service is not the employee's principal occupation).
Requires mandatory life imprisonment for an offender convicted of a second sex offense against a child (defined as an individual under age 16).

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