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Individualisation has generated new kinds of humanitarian wars and peacekeeping missions, as well as precision weapons which enable both the targeted killing of those individuals deemed most liable for acts of war or terror, and the protection of innocent civilians caught up in armed conflict or acts of state suppression.
Rolls-Royce is the luxury carmaker of choice for the connoisseur who demands the best in individualisation," observed Kandeel.
This new individualisation finds expression in tableware as well.
Thus, as the research showed, the order of the factors that affect the decision to purchase the holiday package through a travel agency is the following: the price of the tourist product, recommendations from relatives and friends, the reliability offered by the agency, facilities and gratuitousness, the diversity of the services included in the holiday package, the promotions, the originality of the product and the level of individualisation.
Yet Peetz, among others, questions this theory and points out that individualisation and the growth in corporate profits since 1996 has produced no greater rate of reduction in unemployment than had occurred during the preceding five years of collective bargaining.
This paper examines how individualisation of agriculture affects labour intensity and efficiency of agricultural production.
These findings are sympto- matic of the way our society is moving towards individualisation, but probably another contributory factor is the increase in divorce rates and this is why we tend to see things like Fathers4Justice, because usually men do not get custody of their children, and so if a relationship splits up they have to go and find a place of their own.
Koselleck traces the individualisation and democratisation of the memorialisation of death over the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and comments perceptively on the wide-ranging formal commonalities of war memorials.
The dual-coloured CPET provides increased differentiation and individualisation of products, aspects that play an increasing role for retailers.
The Government's decision to continue with the controversial tax individualisation scheme has outraged many, including MEP Dana Rosemary Scallon.
The feature on Zeiss lens configuration is to support the launch of Gradal Individual EyeFit, the new generation of Zeiss progressive with the highest degree of individualisation.

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