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Koreans are remarkably skilled at flexibly adopting either collectivism or individualism depending upon different circumstances (Cho & Yoon, 2001).
The head of the Manila archdiocese warned that individualism weakens the very meaning of the Church and its mission.
One would think that a person who chose to move out of that setting would catch up with the fact that their move was an act of individualism and the kids born to them will question even more.
Singelis, Triandis, Bhawuk, and Gelfand (1995) defined the constructs of horizontal (H), vertical (V), individualism (I) and collectivism (C) and supported this distinction in both individualistic and collectivistic cultures (Triandis & Gelfand, 1998).
Triandis (1995) further introduced the four typologies of horizontal collectivism, horizontal individualism, vertical collectivism, and vertical individualism, in which vertical poles signify a hierarchy whereas horizontal poles signify equality.
Hoover argued that America can make steady, sure progress if we preserve our individualism, preserve and stimulate the initiative of our people, insist on and maintain the safeguards to equality of opportunity, and honor service as a part of our national character.
* Customers who may be defined as belonging within the individualism type are most likely to be older, and are less likely to use bank or comparison site channels for insurance or be led by considerations of convenience.
While urging dialogue with traditional and emerging cultures, Tagle warned against dealing with people whose values are contrary to Christianity's, apparently referring to materialism and individualism.
Individualism is the view, put briefly, that human beings are identifiable as a distinct species in the natural world and have as at least one of their central attributes the capacity to be unique rational individuals.
Other members also spoke on this occasion they said that one trying to perish individualism from the society.
Managers who scored high on positive life events stress and individualism were found to have higher job satisfaction than those who scored high on negative life events stress and collectivism.