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Our results are consistent with recent within-culture findings that north China can be characterized as a more individualist culture than south China, which may be partly a result of farming practices in China (Talhelm et al.
Hypothesis 2: The more individualist a negotiator, the greater his or her likelihood of initiating a negotiation (engaging, requesting, optimizing).
So, in contrast to Marx's claim that "The human essence is the true collectivity of man," the classical individualist holds that "The human essence includes the true, unique individuality of every human being.
Additional analysis shows that the national culture attribute of loss of "face" further supports a greater revision estimates of collectivist culture auditors' increase in budgeted audit hours than individualist culture auditors when additional audit evidence is relatively unfavourable to initial information.
He was also an abolitionist, as were many of his contemporary radicals, including other individualist anarchists.
Historians of anarchism in Britain have given the individualist variant scant attention; anarcho-communism dominates.
It is of course important to stress that while Wemyss had an important role to play within late Victorian individualism, he did not bring any new or innovative ideas to the smorgasbord of individualist philosophy.
Fifty-eight percent of the students who had been primed with the collectivist task said that they would offer a bribe, compared with 40 percent who had been primed with the individualist word task.
The result of the test (Table 1) show that values in Individualist and Collectivist behaviours among students follow normal distribution hence ANOVA can be used for comparing means.
1988) indicate that social distance from out-groups tends to be stronger in collectivist cultures, while it is attenuated in individualist societies.
Individualist Ideology begins with the conviction that Judeo-Christian capitalism is the foundation of the US.
On average, levels of beer consumption were higher in individualist countries than in collectivist countries, a finding that withstood adjustments for differences in income, climate, gender, and religion.