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Individualization is viewed as a social organization and treated as late modernity's most visible effect.
It provides a vast array of primary sources that have been undiscovered until now and it can be a great addition to the new three-year project of Creating Innovative Music Culture Contents through Collaboration and Individualization.
Satisfaction was the dependent variable regressed on the Individualization and Task Orientation subscales, the independent variables, using simultaneous entry.
Individualization has kept hassle low by entrenching old methods of investigation.
2008) confirms the risk of individualization strategies based on reduced and differentiated curricula for minority groups in different European countries.
The principle of individualization imposes that the training purposes and tasks, the procedure, the character, the intensity and the duration of the physical practice be chosen according to the sex and the age of the sportsmen, according to the functional disposals, degree of training and health, by taking into account the psychical qualities, traits of character, etc.
Wierenga addresses some of the same themes as Roberts and touches on many of the same debates in the youth literature: the collapse of the youth labour market and the necessity of pursuing higher forms of education, the individualization process, the role of the family in youth transitions, and the structure/agency debate.
A stohastic solution of print individualization is a border area of digital printing.
The question is how such communities can be sustained in an era of increasing individualization and the liberalization of so many aspects of human life (such as eating).
Held in April 2006, the symposium on "Legal/Forensic Evidence and Its Scientific Basis" included presentations on "Memory as Evidence," "Inference in DNA Forensic Identification," "The Controversy over the Scientific Validity of Fingerprint Individualization," and "Digital Image Forensics.
At the same time, the process of individualization has proceeded, as individual identity has grown at the expense of group identity.
Moody uses a flat working-class accent that underscores the barbarism, while his individualization of the "half-men" is animated and memorable.

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