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There was proper division of labor in the work they individually performed.
On the shores of Africa I see a republic,--a republic formed of picked men, who, by energy and self-educating force, have, in many cases, individually, raised themselves above a condition of slavery.
Having intimated their more pacific purpose, the champions retreated to the extremity of the lists, where they remained drawn up in a line; while the challengers, sallying each from his pavilion, mounted their horses, and, headed by Brian de Bois-Guilbert, descended from the platform, and opposed themselves individually to the knights who had touched their respective shields.
Tenders are invited for supply of 160 cases pumpkin cookie, individually wrapped; 160 cases turkey cookie, individually wrapped; 160 cases holiday tree cookie, individually wrapped; 160 cases heart cookie, individually wrapped; 160 cases shamrock cookie, individually wrapped; 160 cases egg oval cookie, individually wrapped; 160 cases sugar star, yellow cookie, individually wrapped; 891 cases carnival cookie, individually wrapped.
The store's Gourmet Christmas Hamper costs PS100, but by buying the items individually, shoppers can save PS49.
The SomatXR MX1615B-R Amplifier has 16 individually configurable inputs for po-tentiometric sensors, PT 100 temperature sensors or strain gages (SG) in full-, half- or quarter-bridge configurations.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan TehreekeInsaf lawmakers arrived on Wednesday at the National Assembly to verify their resignations but refused to resign individually.
It is highly flexible with individually controlled impedance signals.
The purpose of this study is to determine how audit effectiveness and efficiency is increased or decreased when sampling accounts collectively as compared to sampling accounts individually.
PhilHealth) deferred the premium increase of individually paying members starting Oct.
The physicians agreed that they will not individually pursue a payer offer unless and until they are notified by NTSP that NTSP has permanently discontinued negotiations with the payer.

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