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INDIVISIBLE. That which cannot be separated.
     2. It is important to ascertain when a consideration or a contract, is or is not indivisible. When a consideration is entire and indivisible, and it is against law, the contract is void in toto. 11 Verm. 592; 2 W. & S. 235. When the consideration is divisible, and part of it is illegal, the contract is void only pro tanto.
     3.-To ascertain whether a contract is divisible or indivisible, id to ascertain whether it may or may not be enforced, in part, or paid in part, without the consent of the other party. See 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 694, and articles Divisible; Entire.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If we agree that the future lies in the promotion of the integrity and indivisibility of ecumenism, then what are the urgent tasks to which we are called in order to renew the vision and revitalize the challenge?
These interesting bits that I have added to the puzzle have some consequences for the simpler version of inappropriability and indivisibility with which I began.
Despite the declared attachment of the Arab human rights movement to the indivisibility of human rights, both the practices of several human rights organizations in Arab countries, as well as their discourse, suggest that they do, in fact, give priority to certain categories of rights over others, and also demonstrate partiality when ignoring some human rights violations while condemning others.
The indivisibility and interdependence of human rights are facts of political life which can be observed by everyone dealing with human rights in situations of conflict.
The doctrine of indivisibility, when turned upon its own letters, ".
Equating F to D removes the distortions to commercial development occasioned by externalities, but it does not remove the distortions caused by the indivisibility of office supply.
The problem arises from the indivisibility of machines.
They also consider human rights violations by transnational corporations; the role of local governments in the achievement of development objectives; the relationship between investment and environmental rights; the principle of indivisibility of human rights and how civil and political rights can contribute to the reduction of poverty; the role of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission in investigating cases of forced eviction; and the connection between gender equality, women's rights, and climate change.
The renewal in 2015 of our Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy will be the opportunity to renew our commitment and to address new challenges to the universality and indivisibility of human rights," Mogherini said in a statement.
"Disseminating propaganda against the indivisibility of the state is considered a crime in the first article of Law No.
Construction of positive integers with even period of minimal type Fuminori Kawamoto, Yasuhiro Kishi and Koshi Tomita On indivisibility of relative class numbers of totally imaginary quadratic extensions and these relative Iwasawa invariants Yuuki Takai A matrix equation on triangulated Riemann surfaces Daisuke Yamaki Above three, communicated by Masaki Kashiwara, m.j.a.
The proposal should take account of the specific operating rules and characteristics of mutual societies, namely the principles of non-discrimination with respect to the selection of risks and democratic governance by their members, the principles of solidarity, common ownership of the capital and its indivisibility, and the principle of disinterested distribution in the event of liquidation.