indivisible entity

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He maintained that 'Obasanjo is a pure detribalised Nigerian who has on many occasions demonstrated his love for the oneness of the country by always seeing Nigeria as one and indivisible entity through his actions, words and belief.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs added, in his speech, that the relations between the two countries have established a feeling of unity between Bahraini and Kuwaiti citizens, adding that "we are an indivisible entity as part of the homogenous Gulf Cooperation Council.
Lastly, its third article reads: "The State of Turkey, with its territory and nation, is an indivisible entity.
He confirmed that the UCC and private education are an indivisible entity.
Ojukwu's former arch-rival, Gen Yakubu Gowon, said the fact that n Ojukwu valued peace and had helped build a united Nigeria made him pray to that Ojukwu would return home after ie receiving treatment in London, so "we could continue the struggle to keep Nigeria as one indivisible entity.
Nigeria is one united and indivisible entity where citizens are at liberty to reside where they desire and practise whatever faith," Hafiz Ringim said in the statement.
The people of Bahrain have always been one indivisible entity before this party rudely elbowed its way between us to drag the kingdom into a crisis that cost the national economy considerable losses.
Karl and his mountain, actually called Swearing Hill, and Sandgate were one, one indivisible entity.
From the beginning, Gilbert & George have insisted that they are, creatively, one single indivisible entity.
Both pillars form an indivisible entity on which the viability of EU agriculture rests.
Time and time again films and their scores are so closely knit as to become an indivisible entity.