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The goal of education here consists in binding the temporal life of this future generation to the supreme and eternal good, which is common to all generations and in which the forefathers, fathers, and children are indivisibly of one being among themselves.
At the same time that a division was being established between Aboriginal peoples and wilderness, mountaineering came to be indivisibly associated with wilderness.
Any traditional term I may use which symbolically and falsely divides or divorces non-verbal "happenings" which function only indivisibly.
Freedom and justice are alike, but for this likeness to appear they must be made to look the same as one another across the perfectly polished surface of a constitution, the very mirror Hamilton proffers to the people of America, inviting and exhorting them to "deliberate on a new Constitution for the United States of America," (22) to look into it and recognize themselves there as indivisibly and perpetually one.
The subtle mind consists of mental propensities and energies linked to the winds flowing in channels of the subtle body, whereas the extremely subtle or subtlest wind-mind are indivisibly one and localized at the center of the heart.
Common elements are all areas of a condominium outside of a unit which are owned jointly, severally, and generally indivisibly by all the owners of units in the condominium as appurtenances to the units.
The erotic is therefore indivisibly linked to polysemy and the birth of rhetoric, a boundary between immanence and struggle but also the source of the richness of earthly life.
The first commitment, seen in the words "true God and true human being," points to the ancient christological dogma from the Council of Chalcedon in 451, which established that the one person of Christ is constituted by two natures, divine and human, unconfusedly, unchangeably, indivisibly, and inseparably.
The CSRs therefore require the Service and taxpayers to engage in a futile inquiry about whether parties share the same portion of (financial) risk in the intangibles' development, despite the fact that this financial risk is borne, indivisibly, by the MNE as a whole.
If I had to leave Summerhill Square, Frank Lloyd Wright's extraordinary Fallingwater' indivisibly part of the enchanted forest riverscape that surrounds it.
In the texture of Pip's bones, Maddy "listens to," by tracing with her fingers, the text of that part of her own constitution which over the course of the novel she learns is indivisibly tied to Pip's body.
It would be ideal, if the two fields were operating indivisibly and at all points women would receive information about HIV--whether when they are receiving contraceptives or having a pap smear test.