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Indoctrination into the formal code of conduct, including ethics training, provides employees with a foundation of acceptable behavior.
Students are veritable sitting ducks for the weaponry of indoctrination.
Called "The Only Reason You Want to Go to Heaven Is That You Have Been Driven Out of Your Mind: Clear Seeing Inherited Religion and Reclaiming the Pagan Self," Walker criticizes the pervasive force of religious indoctrination, a force that decolonized the spirit of spiritual people, including her child's self.
According to Ruzin, Gruevski chose a young man because he wants obedient, young officials, easy for indoctrination, preferably less known to the public, amiable, who left a good impression and of course, patriots.
Preserve Innocence Study Shows Iowa Curriculum Open to Bias, Indoctrination
13 (ANI): The recent arrest of five US origin terror suspects in Sargodha (Pak Punjab) has raised serious concerns about the massive extremist indoctrination and terror training centres being run in the country.
It is wrong for government to take taxpayers' money and spend it on religious indoctrination," Lynn said.
Furthermore, Dawkins does believe children should read the Bible, just as they should read his own bestseller The God Delusion, and, free from parental/ educational indoctrination, be allowed to make their own minds up about what they should believe.
Angry over what it described as the Egyptian government's lack of zeal in fighting against Zionist settlers in Palestine, the Brotherhood preached a revivalist version of Islam and promoted indoctrination of young Muslim males in the discipline of jihad, or "holy war.
Ditto for the North American educational system which, since the days of John Dewey, has transformed itself from a system of learning into a system of secularist socialist indoctrination, converting its gullible students into cult members who parrot leftist pieties while ruining themselves with destructive sexual activity.
Thus, the teacher that can inspire young minds to think creatively, to go beyond Newspeak, is considered a ``lemon,'' while those that follow the path of pablum indoctrination laid down by the Bush regime are the ``educational'' shining stars of the Fourth Reich.
In each class, Robert's teachers talk about the "Communist Threat" and warn their students against indoctrination.