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The NPA indoctrination lair has at least 20 fully-built huts and two lecture halls.
"From the point of view of the law and above all of the propriety and common sense, it is unacceptable to attack the Ikea employee who refused LGBT indoctrination in the workplace," the bishops said in a statement.
He added that the particular case concerns a verified Filipino suicide bomber, it was 'an indication that indoctrination is taking root now,' and that the matter should be 'seriously looked into.'
He also singled out Amin for labeling the school's activity as 'anti-palm oil propaganda', questioning that since when did criticising government policies is labeled 'indoctrination' and an embarrassment to the country.
Translation: "An Islamic website (Sada) released an article accusing Hamza Belloumi of atonement because of his report that revealed sexual and physical abuse in addition to extremism indoctrination in a Quranic school in Regub (Central Tunisia).
The two regions had drastically different socialization and politicization of Vietnamese children and teenagers; the North was much more heavily centralized, while the South did not have a strong agenda of indoctrination. Western culture more heavily affected the South, while socialist culture influenced the North.
Perhaps our Maoist leaders were encouraged to advocate such populist education based on the experience of indoctrination to their ideology in course of their education.
She says the young man between ages 18 and 19, escaped since January 2016 from his hometown in Tusu for fear of conscription into traditional activities, coupled with a forceful indoctrination into Islam.
PTI chief decried the indoctrination and said that those who adopt cultures they are not born into, can't keep a track of their identity.
Michelle Edmisten, a founder of the Facebook group Sullivan County Parents Against Islam Indoctrination, raised the issue in October after her daughter was given an assignment to answer questions about the name of Islam's holy book and the five pillars of Islam.
Dew presents readers with a personal account of his own upbringing and indoctrination into familial institutionalized racism.
Military indoctrination is the most powerful, legally sanctioned means of manipulating a human being.