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Cooley said that indoctrination was a form of mental illness and that it would ultimately be up to a jury to decide if it amounted to insanity.
From this day forward nearly every session of Congress and every state legislature will be torn by demands from sectarian special interests and their political allies for direct or indirect tax support for denominational indoctrination.
It is little wonder that underqualified faculty discover a ready clientele for undemanding courses in pornography or in political indoctrination.
In analyzing each society Brooker is able to point to policies of indoctrination, nation building regimentation of different social groups, and forced solidarity of the masses.
While W I agree with his concerns about the indoctrination of children by some parents to follow groups like ISIS, to tar all religious parents with the same brush sounds a bit 'fanatical' in itself don't you think?
It came to something when such belief in such indoctrination made them ignore the rights and needs of those fatherless children - for no fault of their own - to financially suffer because of the blind indoctrination of their mothers' colleagues.
We need to know who will keep tabs on these indoctrination centres to ensure taxpayers' money is properly spent.
FOR some reason, the authoritarian drift of the Government still shocks me, as it seems no form of intrusion or indoctrination is out of the question for New Labour.
Accordingly, there is no evidence of governmental indoctrination of religion.