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Keywords: Elaeagnus umbellata, Isolation, New compounds, Indole alkaloid, Aromatic ester
Quiero pensar que esa situacion se aclarara a favor del futbolista aunque es un asunto sumamente complejo, Rafa Marquez ha brillado en el futbol y nunca estuvo involucrado en asuntos extra cancha como algunos de sus colegas proclives a multiplicar escandalos de diversa indole.
En cualquier caso, estamos hoy ante un lenguaje mas explicito y rotundo a favor de la indole propia de este ministerio.
Another disadvantage of this process is high concentration of indole inhibits TSase activity.
V, Photobiotransformation of indole to its value-added derivatives by Rhodobacter sphaeroides OU5.
Following a sample analysis by the state lab, it emerged that the powder was not cyanuric acid but naphthoyl indole, a chemical powder with effects similar to that of cannabis.
The objective of this work was study the effects of indole acetic acid under three rates of nitrogen fertilization on yield, nutrients content and physiological compositions of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.
Indole, pcresol and skatole account for over 90% of the OAV among all volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are emitted from pig buildings, manure storage sites and land application of manure.
Indole acetic acid and phytase activity produced by rhizosphere bacilli as affected by ph and metals.
Palabras clave: Fieles laicos, indole secular, Secularidad.
This study suggests Tyrian purple indole precursors could be obtained from opportunistic ubiquitous bacteria.
It details conditions of typical syntheses, limitations of their applicability, and the possibility of vinyl chloride or dichloroethane application instead of acetylene; chemical engineering aspects of the first synthesis of tetrahydroindole and indole from commercially available oxime of cyclohexanone and acetylene; new facets of pyrroles and N-vinyl pyrroles reactivity in the reactions with the participation of the pyrrole ring and N-vinyl groups; and about 1,000 structures of novel pyrrole compounds and their yields and physical-chemical characteristics.