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The two are distinct states with one thing in common: like fatness, indolence too is a state of mind.
This is how we can eradicate indolence and encourage scholarship among our teeming youths.
Thus, excepting only those who have retired and are now enjoying the multimillion-peso package of benefits despite their own indolence, all of the incumbent members should be held accountable unless their appointment was made only recently.
Speaking at a ceremony on Sunday, QU President Dr Hassan al Derham said the new strategy takes its inspiration from the speech of the Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, in which he said,"We require diligence, creativity, independent thinking, constructive initiatives and interest in academic achievement in all disciplines, self-reliance and fighting indolence and dependency.
Whether it is the federal government's Green Line, the provincial government's Edhi Line Bus or the most important - Circular Railway project, not even a single transit project in the coastal city has neared its completion owing to the indolence of the authorities.
Muslims' indolence and lethargy in recent centuries not only prevented them from making further development, but at the same time blocked them from saving their previous assets,' said the Iranian president.
As a responsible party that serves the citizens, VMRO-DPMNE urges all civil society organizations of the Soros foundation that brag with their concern for the people's health and the environment to raise their voice and condemn the SDS-led government for its indolence.
From the punch that nearly got young Donald Trump expelled from the second grade, to Gerald Ford's work as a "Cosmopolitan" magazine cover model, to Ulysses Grant's relentless drinking and smoking, to the indolence of Chester A.
While it seems to go against the US work ethic, I can think of nothing finer than actually having a day that gives national blessing to indolence.
And they justify their indolence and inaction by saying that criminalising drug dealers and users just creates more problems than it solves.
Good-time guides aplenty are packed into this issue, which kicks off a season of indolence and adventure.
Indolence (spring fever) in close combination with sports activities.