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This kind of triumphalism, coupled with the text's solicitation of the reader's identification with Bone's innate indomitability, operates to confirm the autonomy and integrity of both the protagonist and the reader's subjectivity.
Two other factors added to its distress: first, Saddam Hussein's indomitability, which had affected the UNCC since its inception, and second, the workings of the world's business community, which were a growing concern.
Ironically, trucking is physical evidence of the indomitability of the human spirit, which you need to survive," says Simonds, "but it's also the thing that prison most tries to beat out of you, because it makes you connive and go wrong.
It is well recognized that adolescents often have a sense of indomitability.
Smyth, who will defend his 2013 International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Athletics Championships 100 and 200 metres titles at the 2015 event in Doha, Qatar, in September, hopes his accomplishments and indomitability can create a powerful legacy.
And that indomitability was so important to Lisbeth.
Her dramatic skill and admirable indomitability are steadily suggested by O'Connor's technical point of view.
On another, it stands as a new and exciting chapter in literature's continuing saga of men and women being swept along by the tides of their times, being moved to rhythms and currents beyond their control, and putting to test once again the proverbial indomitability of the human spirit.
a tribute to the sustaining power of family and to man's indomitability.
Now this epic tale of courage and indomitability has made it to the big screen.
I was trying to write The Indomitability of the Human Spirit to impress you but it kept coming out The Undomesticated Human Spigot, a blowhard stoned opera.