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They reject the sanctity or indomitability implied in the traditional aesthetics of early post-independent dramatists because of its failure to change the status of women in Nigeria.
Other stories are less about derring-do than human indomitability.
In effect, therefore, Pinter deconstructs the most fundamental premises of naturalistic drama itself; precedents can then easily be found in his earlier works, not least among them the radical indeterminacies of The Homecoming with its often ominous subtexts, its unrelenting one-upsmanship among men who obsessively define and reassert status within the all-male domain of their household, and the indomitability of Ruth, sovereign among them despite the indeterminacies of her past and present life.
Humanitarian intervention has never challenged the indomitability of the concept of sovereignty.
112-37)--both of which were previously published in largely the same form as articles--it is the poverty of the colonial administration, the indomitability of vested colonial interests and the irrepressible Vietnamese migrants to the fledgling city that frustrate planners and administrators.
5) It is significant that the young man whose professional career is still on the rise should learn what the old man on his way out has failed to grasp: labor and exertion are necessary, not as expressions of confidence in the indomitability of personal will, but as acts of collaboration with, and as signs of hope in, Providence.
He should have noticed that I was not referring to Suite francaise in my reference to Barres (and I never used the word "hypnotize"), but rather to Nemirovsky's novel Les Biens de ce monde, which presents the indomitability of the French character as seen in a traditional Catholic family in the north of France.
We've been mining the wonders of space and the riches of asteroids and the no-limits indomitability of the human spirit forever; it's only been the past couple of decades in which we've started to understand the neurological limits of that spirit, the ways it can be hacked, the ways it might be interfaced with harder-edged tools.
Kenyon and Erskine exaggerated the abjection of the adulteress intrinsic to criminal conversation trials in order to counter the apparent indomitability of the fashionable adulteress of the 1780s and demonstrate the threat which adultery represented to the family and the social order in the wake of the French Revolution.
Much of what we see in him is the effort to deploy a style of masculinity, of swaggering performances of fluency and indomitability, as a way to clear space inside the confines of a received narrative of model-minority achievement, as if that masculine boastfulness, which at some moments is blusteringly homophobic and at others treats parental homophobia with a condescending savoir vivre, might itself do some of the work of assimilation, but in a way gratifyingly separate from the protocols of a previous generation.
She died on August 1 after a long period of declining health that she endured bravely, cheerfully and with characteristic indomitability of spirit.
For with the medals will come inspirational demonstrations of the indomitability of the human spirit.