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The central government can clamp down abruptly and indomitably, but it can't do so everywhere, all the time.
He imagined the Jewish race as "humourless and emotionally overdeveloped," intrinsically opposed to America's "playful, power-loving, and indomitably proud" mindset (SL 1.
As he charts The Dale's perennial travails in the dankest corner of the Football League basement he weaves in his reminiscences, frequently grim but indomitably optimistic, of working-class family life in a northern town.
Rather it was an impassioned appeal to the individual man--any man--to 'plant himself indomitably on his instincts, and there abide.
Weber used the story of David and Goliath and a poignant story about a terrible accident that left his sister fighting for her life--hopelessly in pain and paralyzed, but indomitably hopeful--as examples of how the human spirit can triumph over all the challenges that life throws our way.
Calder, indomitably pursued the matter all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada," the Globe and Mail noted.
Yet throughout all of her problems, which range from the regular strains and pulls of a professional sportsperson through to a debilitating liver condition that may one day end her career, she has remained indomitably positive.
John Harrells' Bessus, an indomitably cowardly miles gloriosus, was a delight to watch and to listen to; and Jason Guy, who is absolutely mesmerizing to watch simply move around the stage, gave a great deal of care and attention to the crucial expository speeches it falls to Gobrias to speak at the end of the play.
Although he is indomitably driven in his work for social justice and multiculturalism, Sue recognizes that such work has not been without personal consequences.
Because the journalist-cum-soldier "was indomitably cheerful under hardships and difficulties and entirely indifferent to his own personal safety or comfort," the chief Rough Rider asserted, he "won the esteem of the regiment [and] was one of three men we made honorary members of the regiment's association.
The indomitably affirmative quality of Pham Duy's personality finds definite expression in his music, where we find a penchant for major modes, and a celebratory and life-embracing impulse not typical of Vietnamese tan nhac as a whole, which is much given to minor modes, long winding phrases, and expressions of cosmic yearning and despair.
The women in the play indomitably create their own space where they can reflect on their problems and agitations.