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Weber used the story of David and Goliath and a poignant story about a terrible accident that left his sister fighting for her life--hopelessly in pain and paralyzed, but indomitably hopeful--as examples of how the human spirit can triumph over all the challenges that life throws our way.
Calder, indomitably pursued the matter all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada," the Globe and Mail noted.
Yet throughout all of her problems, which range from the regular strains and pulls of a professional sportsperson through to a debilitating liver condition that may one day end her career, she has remained indomitably positive.
His letters to his wife form a moving record of his old friends's decline: still reading Trollope aloud in the evenings, indomitably refusing to discuss the great pain she was evidently suffering, and evading medicines that might dull her sharp mind.
The women in the play indomitably create their own space where they can reflect on their problems and agitations.
For the next forty-five twilit years of eclipse, he was to carry on, a true Man of Letters, indomitably writing--in Nassau, Paris, and Menton.
They refused to be driven out their house by a couple of bully- boy thugs and they soldiered indomitably on.
Otherwise, a bright and conciliatory light pervades the book, which, like all other works by Hyltoft, also constitutes a declaration of love for Copenhagen and for both the indomitably strong and the affectionately loving woman -- from his two grandmothers to his mother and his first true love.
Photo: Diverse beauty: Baker Creek canyon, at 8,000 feet, is a gentle land of sage and aspen; 2,500 feet higher, on the slopes of Wheeler Peak, bristlecone pines grow as indomitably gnarled as the summit behind them.
The minister listed the Israelis as the only benefactors of such falsehoods and that his ministry would work indomitably to secure sustained tourism in all parts of Lebanon.