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To sign a paper or document, thereby making it possible for the rights represented therein to pass to another individual. Also spelled endorse.

endorse (indorse)

v. 1) to sign one's name to the back of a check, bill of exchange or other negotiable instrument with the intention of making it cashable or transferable. 2) to pledge support to a program, proposal, or candidate. (See; endorsement)


verb accredit, acquiesce in, advocate, affirm, allow, assent to, assist, authenticate, authorize, certify, commend, concur in, confirm, confirm officially, consent to, consignare, cosign, countenance, countersign, encourage, guarantee, initial, inscribe one's signature, lend one's name to, make valid, praestare, ratify, recommend, sanction, sign, sign one's name on, stand by, subscribe to, support, sustain, undersign, underwrite, uphold, validate, vouch for
Associated concepts: indorse a check, indorse a note, innorse a warrant, indorse an instrument
See also: approve, certify, cosign, deposit, pledge, sign

TO INDORSE. To write on the back. Bills of exchange and promissory notes are indorsed by the party writing his name on the back; writing one's name on the back of a writ, is to indorse such writ. 7 Pick. 117. See 13 Mass. 396.