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If we look evaluatively at the epistemological status of revelation, we shall find out that it is difficult to accept its indubitability.
One might say that indubitability invites doubt, and thus
She contends that the passage is misleading, that in his frustration in dealing with Gassendi, Descartes is careless--he "conflates the dependence argument for the indubitability of 'I exist' with a quite different argument" (142-43).
Resting assured that their justificatory explanations mirror the indubitability of their first principles, strong versions of foundationalism would regard their argumentation to be completely separable from, because they are utterly supplementary to, the "foundations" they serve.
Dismissing the Cartesian search for absolute indubitability as quixotic, he contended that we can never rule out the possibility that a synthetic judgment is free from error and immune from revision: all empirical claims are hypotheses, subject to further review, and may undergo truth-value reversal if they cease to fit well with other members of one's total doxastic system.
10) In the preface he formulated for the first time the famous method of indubitability on which he founded the cogito argument.
Descartes thought of knowledge in terms of rational indubitability and thought that such indubitability was to be had in the cases of interest to him.
It turns out in Descartes's actual application of the method that it is not truth that Descartes apparently seeks and perhaps not even certainty, as many have suggested, but indubitability.
Having started on the way to truth by experiencing the illumination of the cogito, one ends by realizing that the indubitability of all clear and distinct ideas is not only a psychological fact that one accepts and lives with, but is a God-ordained fact, and hence objectively true.