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Resting assured that their justificatory explanations mirror the indubitability of their first principles, strong versions of foundationalism would regard their argumentation to be completely separable from, because they are utterly supplementary to, the "foundations" they serve.
Regarding the initial claim that Descartes' turn to subjectivity 'plunged philosophy into a prolonged crisis', Brinkmann maintains that the choice of certainty or indubitability as standard of truth reveals the 'personal' nature of the Cartesian project: 'truth claims need to be certified and endorsed by the individual in order to be recognized as truths .
If classification benefits from the formidable indubitability of eyesight and if, as is well known, Emerson identifies what the eye sees with what the I is, Emerson nevertheless makes his way as a man of letters, not as a scientist or a seer.
Dismissing the Cartesian search for absolute indubitability as quixotic, he contended that we can never rule out the possibility that a synthetic judgment is free from error and immune from revision: all empirical claims are hypotheses, subject to further review, and may undergo truth-value reversal if they cease to fit well with other members of one's total doxastic system.