indubitable fact

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Yet it is an indubitable fact, within the cognizance of this history, that five minutes after he had left the house in the self-same hat, the same descendant of the Scadgerses and connexion by matrimony of the Powlers, shook her right-hand mitten at his portrait, made a contemptuous grimace at that work of art, and said
It is an indubitable fact that our youthful students' leaders have not learnt the principle of sportsmanship after election.
No matter what spin, the bearded (and that's just the women) tree huggers put on it, this is an indubitable fact.
A second remark is that such a conception depends on no dubious doctrine of introspection, but only the indubitable fact of recollection.
Clearly one problem with this jaundiced Gibbonism is the indubitable fact that Byzantium lasted for another three centuries after Manzikert, even surviving (and finally expelling) the intrusive Latin empire set up after the taking of the sacred centre, Constantinople, in 1204.
But when this indubitable fact is given--as here--priority over other human powers, specifically the material capacity of human beings to consciously transform reality (i.
In the final analysis, the indubitable fact is that all permits, clearances and certificates granted to Torre de Manila by respondent City of Manila as well as those of the concerned regulatory agencies of the National Government are valid and remain official and legally binding," the city government said.
But as a general rule all such models have to take into account the indubitable fact that the usual QM and QMS theoretical description must be refered to distinct scientific questions (objectives).
The president wins merely by showing plausible basis, not even right judgment or indubitable facts.
On the basis of this natural equality and natural inequality, which represent in his view indubitable facts of our historical experience (the fatto of the subtitle of the book), Taparelli considers it is possible to give a valid account of the particular social rights and duties that apply in particular societies in a way that will show they arise equally from human nature and the facts of historical experience.
based on some indubitable facts and some contrived ones, that Arabs are