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How could they not realise that overregulation, an abundance of waste, a bloated overpaid hugely privileged bureaucracy, a toothless, overpaid European parliament and endless pointless procedures imposed by people who invariably never had a real job in their lives would eventually lead to those who could afford it and whose democracy is indubitably more genuine than most, to simply say goodbye.
Finally, ethical and legal regulations should be actually defined that indubitably make great profits to the society.
Addressing a meeting of the Libyan Constitutional Drafting Assembly, sponsored by the UN, the minister said that drafting a new constitution would be indubitably welcomed by all the strata of the Libyan people.
This Airdrie side - unbeaten at home since October 18 - are indubitably their most progressive, assertive brigade for years.
Although there is a perception that the Club World Cup remains a 'second rate' tournament, that will not deter the Blaugrana from giving their absolute best in the pursuit of becoming, indubitably, the world's best again.
The woman vehemently argued before the court that she did not want the future of her child to be marred by any controversy regarding his paternity,which would indubitably result should the father refuse to acknowledge the child as his own.
Indubitably any booklist goes out of date almost as soon as it is published and the spate of new books from publishers shows no signs of diminishing.
Well, let me take you back to a letter in The Times in October, which to my mind indubitably delivered the wisest political observation of the year.
Despite this indubitably beneficial prediction, the United manager has yet to register a win in the premier.
After years on the market at $125 million, socialite Suzanne Saperstein unloaded her indubitably palatial, 35,000-square-foot French chateau in L.
While reading through the passages of the novel, one can indubitably say that 'A Small Fortune' proves to be an enchanting observation of the London-based writer and novelist Rosie Dastagir.
To examine the true ethical implications of this indubitably large discrepancy, one must assess through the lens of fundamental morality (based upon the individual ownership of oneself and its consequences/extensions) the origins of the properties in question.