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Consequently, {x,u,w,z} would induce a diamond in G* with exactly three nonprobe vertices, a contradiction.
Consequently, {x,u,w,z} would induce a diamond in [G.sup.*] with exactly three nonprobe vertices, a contradiction.
We have argued previously that footshock may facilitate relapse to drug seeking by activating pathways, such as these, that are compatible with general approach behaviours; that is, footshock might induce relapse by activating a generalized motivational system compatible with drug seeking [see 6 for a discussion].
In this study I first demonstrate that herbivory induces resistance in Lepidium virginicum and test for physical and biochemical defense mechanisms that correlate with this resistance.
Apparently, the minimal level of MAPK activation required to induce a large amount of TNF-[alpha] was higher than the levels of MAPK in cells after exposure to a single dose of Pb alone or LPS alone.
This MAb was shown to recognize a conformational epitope of HA2 (36), but no immunogen that could selectively induce this response has been described.
Phase I clinical trials suggested that CYC202 appears to be well tolerated without the typical side effects associated with current chemotherapy and may induce lengthening of Time-To-Progression in patients with various cancers.
* Chimeric HA/SHIV VLPs could also induce neutralizing antibodies against HIV 89.6 in CD4 T-cell-deficient mice.
Pieris rapae (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) larvae were used to induce responses in wild radish plants.
Given the recent demonstration of the ability of environmental influences to induce epigenetic changes in the early postnatal period (Weaver et al.
The scientists next tested rats that had received a similar nerve cut to induce neuropathic-type pain.
Excess amounts of TGF-[beta] induce an increase in myofibroblast production of collagens I, III, and IV.