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An advantage or benefit that precipitates a particular action on the part of an individual.

In the law of contracts, the inducement is a pledge or promise that causes an individual to enter into a particular agreement. An inducement to purchase is something that encourages an individual to buy a particular item, such as the promise of a price reduction. Consideration is the inducement to a contract.

In Criminal Law, the term inducement is the motive, or that which leads an individual to engage in criminal conduct.


noun allurement, attraction, causa, cause, consideration, drive, encouragement, enticement, exhortation, fillip, goad, incitamentum, incitement, influence, inlecebra, inspiration, instigation, persuasion, persuasiveness, pressure, prompting, provocative, stimulant, stimulater, stimulation, stimulus, urging
Associated concepts: fraud in the inducement, inducement to purchase, material inducement
See also: basis, bribery, catalyst, cause, coercion, compulsion, consideration, decoy, determinant, force, hush money, incentive, instigation, invitation, motive, persuasion, prize, provocation, reason, recompense, seduction, stimulus


1 the introductory part of a pleading that leads up to and explains the matter in dispute.
2 the kind of conduct which may be struck at by inducing a breach of contract.

INDUCEMENT, pleading. The statement of matter which is introductory to the principal subject of the declaration or plea, &c., but which is necessary to explain and elucidate it; such matter as is not introductory to or necessary to elucidate the substance or gist of the declaration or plea, &c. nor is collaterally applicable to it, not being inducement but surplusage. Inducement or conveyance, which. are synonymous terms, is in the nature of a preamble to an act of assembly, and leads to the Principal subject of the declaration or plea, &c. the same as that does to the purview or providing clause of the act. For instance, in an action for a nuisance to property in the possession of the plaintiff, the circumstance of his being possessed of the property should be stated as inducement, or byway of introduction to the mention of the nuisance. Lawes, Pl. 66, 67; 1 Chit. Pl. 292; Steph. Pl. 257; 14 Vin. Ab. 405; 20 Id. 845; Bac. Ab. Pleas. &c. I 2.

INDUCEMENT, contracts, evidence. The moving cause of an action.
     2. In contracts, the benefit.which the obligor is to receive is the inducement to making them. Vide Cause; Consideration.
     3. When a person is charged with a crime, he is sometimes induced to make confessions by the flattery of hope, or the torture of fear. When such confessions are made in consequence of promises or threats by a person in authority, they cannot be received in evidence. In England a distinction has been made between temporal and spiritual inducements; confessions made under the former are not receivable in evidence, while the latter may be admitted. Joy on Conf. ss. 1 and 4.

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This award was granted under the company's inducement plan, as amended, as an inducement material to the new employee entering into employment.
The company added that each of the inducement grant has an exercise price per share equal to the closing price of its common stock on 12 September 2016, the date of grant.
Second, organ quality could affect the cost-effectiveness of an inducement system.
NASDAQ: LEAP) said it has issued inducement awards to two new non-executive employees.
The line seems to be drawn at cash inducements, although a few days at attractive hotels and spas for business executives and their partners may seem equally attractive as a financial inducement.
We expect that this inducement will not only help leaseholder Larry A.
For more information about the Inducement Act and other copyright legislation, visit the Church Music Publishers Association website at www.
When closing a sale, remodelers often use an inducement known as a "button up," the most common form of which is the "referral fee.
In a build-out-allowance inducement package, the landlord offers a prospective tenant an allowance to make improvements for the tenant's benefit.
Another type of lease inducement is a rent holiday.
While evidence that the Government engaged in persuasion, threats, coercive tactics, harassment, or pleas based on sympathy or friendship may amount to inducement, most courts also require the defendant to demonstrate that the described Government conduct created a substantial risk that an undisposed person or otherwise law-abiding citizen would commit the offense.